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3498Re: [ExExGayMinistry] My schizophrenia

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  • Dannyzahalfangel@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2005
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      I'm curious, who are all these ppl you guys are talking about? with their
      theories and such, i don't know who gave them the power to cause gays to feel
      even more confussed then some of us already are- these ex-gay ministries
      obviously they do not comprehend sexuality and individuality properly, they've been
      misinformed for how can one live knowing that one has ruined ppls lives instead
      of aiding the rather complex situations?

      I have spoken to many educated persons surrounding these issues, my best
      friends' professor who is a str8 male (married and has children) and is a counsler
      for gays is a wonderful person; he teaches human sexuality (quote un-quote
      'human sexuality')- which is an issue many ppl do not discuss as being both
      heterosexual and homosexual as well as bisexual. funny how they all interlock
      I've also spoekn to a man who hates gays who had told me i was going to hell
      one time, well i backfired lol stating that well I guess im going to meet you
      there for you're an alcoholic which is a sin agaisnt God (dispite the fact
      that i don't beleive my soul is floating to heaven nor hell, i will be barried
      like everyone else on this earth who has passed away- dust u r, dust you will
      return; hell is here on earth [and boy don't u knwo thats the truth]or like
      described in the original Greek texts 'sheol' which means 'graveyard of makind',
      but ppl use Hell as a form of a 'Big foot' theory, to scare ppl to do right).

      I'm curious to read these ppls views, as well as those theories who are for
      gays; can anyone e-mail me thier names please. thanx.
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