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3497Re: [ExExGayMinistry] Re: My schizophrenia

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  • Jayelle Wiggins
    Mar 1, 2005
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      Oooooh, now I feel awful. Korry, I apologize. I'll
      try this again later.


      --- Norm <nojam75@...> wrote:

      > Welcome to the group, korry! The purpose of this
      > group is to be a
      > forum for those who are in that difficult in-between
      > spot. So, I
      > hope we don't flame you for your honest sharing.
      > My knee-jerk response to your post is to discount
      > all of your
      > observations of gay men as stereotypes and then to
      > point-out all of
      > the exceptions. However, I don't believe the point
      > of your post was
      > to negatively stereotype gay men. Rather, you are
      > sharing your own
      > experience and I and others in the gay community
      > have made similar
      > generalizations.
      > I have to ask, what signficance do your observations
      > of gay men
      > serve to you? Although I agree that your
      > observations are correct
      > for a certain segments of the gay community, I do
      > think it's
      > inaccurate to describe all gays this way. But even
      > if all gays fit
      > into the negative stereotype, so what? That doesn't
      > mean you, I or
      > anyone who accepts their same-sex attractions is
      > pre-destined to
      > become a gay stereotype. Just as much as a
      > heterosexual chooses to
      > lead healthy lifestyle, we all have
      > self-determination and
      > responsibilities.
      > I understand and recognize alot of your
      > observations, but I guess I
      > don't quite know where you are coming from and what
      > your intention
      > is. If you are disappointed with sexual
      > promiscuity, unsafe sex,
      > narcism, emotional dependency, drug abuse, etc.,
      > then you should
      > probably concentrate on those specific issues --
      > rather than trying
      > to find a magic "reparative therapy" all-in-one
      > solution. Maybe
      > before you discuss "solutions", you define what the
      > "problems" are
      > more specifically.
      > You haven't mentioned anything about religion, so I
      > assume you're
      > not struggling with religious doctrine/philosophy.
      > Obviously, if
      > you adhere to the doctrine that same-sex behavior is
      > immoral, then
      > you should simply abstain or seek hetero-marriage
      > and hope for the
      > best. Certainly, Exodus' fine-print disclaimer is
      > that their
      > ministry does not turn gays into straights, but
      > rather helps gays
      > lead Christian lives -- heterosexuality is just an
      > unintentional
      > side effect.
      > I could go on and on, but I suspect your post will
      > provoke other
      > hopefully more articulate responses.
      > Again, welcome to the group!
      > Norm!

      "As far as I know, nobody is handing out prizes, tangible or otherwise, for endurance of life its ownself. In my experience, if you ignore your life, it will pretty much ignore you right back."--Jill Conner Browne, the Sweet Potato Queens' Field Guide to Men


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