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3495Re: [ExExGayMinistry] My schizophrenia

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  • Jayelle Wiggins
    Mar 1, 2005
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      --- Scott Russell <syzygy121@...> wrote:

      > Yeah, I studied Joe Nicolosi too. I met him several
      > times and he does seem to be a compassionate and
      > convincing speaker.

      I saw him once at Love Won Out and thought he was a
      hateful, homophobic bastard who had no business
      interfering with other peoples' minds. Did he change?
      Do we just see things differently? I don't know. It
      would be nice if compassion was his default setting
      and he'd just flipped the switch for us, though.

      > As much as individuals might want to "become"
      > heterosexual, all I have ever witnessed were
      > individuals that Exodus helped "behave"
      > hetersexually. No change in orientation, only
      > change in behavior. Is this healthy?

      Not for the poor straight spouses, it sure isn't. I
      wish they would think about that. Then again, I don't
      think they have a high regard for female sexual desire
      and sexual pleasure, either.

      Dobson and
      > others would say so -- it makes them more
      > comfortable.

      That's what I often say in discussions--it solves
      *their* problems while giving us queer people new

      My theory is that those who have the best
      > behavioral change are those who are truly bi-sexual
      > the first place. But conservatives don't believe in
      > bi-sexuals either.

      AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH!!! When I interviewed an ex-gay
      leader about ministry to teens, I asked him what he
      would do for bi teens; he was confused, and clearly
      confused by my own bisexuality, as well. I had a
      youth minister tell me to "just embrace the
      heterosexuality and let the gay side die" once. Which
      isn't the same thing as, say, falling in love with a
      man and being monogamous, not at all.

      Then again, I have read two wonderful books about
      same-sex marriage (a topic that interests me very
      much, as I entered one on New Year's Eve.) Jonathan
      Rauch and Evan Wolfson, intelligent and passionate and
      helpful to me as they are, couldn't bring themselves
      to acknowledge us, either.

      I have never and will never have
      > feelings for women -- I'm just trying to be honest.
      > If that makes me an abomination, I will put my self
      > in the hands of a loving and merciful God. God save
      > me from the clutches of his loyal "followers."

      Hear, hear!

      > In the Episcopal Church we are fighting to protect
      > our first openly gay bishop -- it is an issue of
      > honesty. Gene Robinson tried reparative therapy --
      > it didn't work. Rather than live as a priest and
      > now bishop in the closet, he is being honest and
      > open with his life and his story. He's being called
      > every name in the book, but in the end he is simply
      > a man of integrity.

      I'm just amazed that a church that began because an
      English King couldn't work with the Catholic church's
      rules about sex and marriage (no divorce) is now
      experiencing a schism over...sex and marriage.

      Nice to meet you, Scott.


      "As far as I know, nobody is handing out prizes, tangible or otherwise, for endurance of life its ownself. In my experience, if you ignore your life, it will pretty much ignore you right back."--Jill Conner Browne, the Sweet Potato Queens' Field Guide to Men


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