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  • Korry Korry
    Mar 1, 2005
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      --- drespapa <drespapa@...> wrote:
      > If by "flamed" you mean notes of disagreement, I'll
      > be the first. You are
      > making broad generalizations and judgments based
      > (supposedly) on your own
      > experience. I defy you to name ONE sleazy

      What a joke,drespapa. Supposedly? As if in reality I
      were the Church Lady from SNL and I merely repeating
      rumors I culled off the �net?

      Dude, I grew just outside of Manhattan, and got into
      the cruising scene just before the advent of herpes
      and then AIDS. I used to read Richard Goldstein and
      the late Arthur Bell in the Village Voice and took
      seriously their espousal of gay promiscuity as a
      revolutionary, progressive behavior. The ads in the
      Voice, the New York Native, et al, et cetera for the
      bathhouses and gay porn palaces pushed the same
      message. At the same time, when William Friedkin was
      filming "Cruising" on the lower east side, huge crowds
      protested this supposedly stereotyping of gay men as
      kinky and promiscous.

      Then lo and behold, AIDS reared its ugly head and cut
      a wide swath of destruction because of the very high
      level of promiscuity among gay men in urban centers.

      Drespapa, I was there, I saw what went on with my own

      Later on I worked as an AIDS-prevention counselor, and
      at the conferences I attended, no one tried to
      whitewash the fact that gay men have WAY more sex than
      anybody else.

      Yes, the dysfunction I described does happen in the
      straight community, but proportionally it happens to a
      far greater extent in the gay male community.

      Just a few other things about myself. I am
      professional writer, I have a degree in Religious
      Studies (departmental honors) with minors in
      Journalism, Literature, and Theatre. I have had what
      William James described as a variety of religious
      experiences (that is supernatural ones, from
      experiences of the Spirit to encounters with the
      departed), and I think whole ex-gay movement is
      profoundly misguided, but it also touches upon certain
      core truths and realities that gay men would be better
      off acknowledging.

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