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  • Matthew Gardiner
    Oct 7, 2004
      nyguy_1225 wrote:

      ><<What the hypocracy has done is pushed my family away from
      >Christianity; my father no longer wants any association with the
      >Catholic Church after the hypocratic and homophobic Bishop Pell was
      >promoted to Cardinal, as for my sister, brother and I, we no longer
      >want a religion that dictates to us.>>
      >I can well understand how hypocrisy can turn people off to God and
      >religion. I see it all the time and have had to personally grapple
      >with it myself. But for those who end up throwing out the baby with
      >the bath water, so to speak, isn't that somewhat akin to refusing to
      >eat again just because mom burned the brownies? I guess the
      >question that comes to my mind is: if you, your sister and your
      >brother no longer want a religion (or a God) that dictates to you,
      >then what kind of religion and God do you want? The kind where you
      >dictate to him? Surely there must be healthier balance we can

      Agreed, but the thing is my family haven't turn off religion, we've
      turned off from the organised religion, the religion that demands
      alligence to the organisation rather than getting the followers to think
      for themselves. Sure, my family believe in God, Jesus and the good works
      of them, but they no longer associate themselves with a particular
      denomination. So you could still say they're "Christian" but not part of
      the established fan clubs.


      "If a nation could not prosper without the enjoyment of
      perfect liberty and perfect justice, there is not in
      the world a nation which could ever have prospered." -
      The Wealth of Nations, Book IV, Chapter IX
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