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  • Matthew Gardiner
    Oct 6, 2004
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      Dixibehr@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 10/6/04 8:31:50 AM, kaiwai@... writes:
      >> Just look at the train wreck, Terry Randall, after married to his loyal
      >> wife for over a decade, he trades her in for a younger model;
      > And don't forget, Randall Terry, the outspoken opponent of
      > homosexuality and abortion has an openly gay son and he ran off his
      > own teenaged daughter when she got pregnant in high school.

      Yeap, I remember that. A son who is gay, a daughter who got pregnant
      and school, and IIRC, the third daughter converted to Islam.

      So not only a train wreck marriage but a train wreck family life; but
      then again, its typical of these people, they would give advice to
      everyone else rather than them getting their house in order.

      Can you blame people who have anti-Christian feelings? especially when
      you see the hypocracy that is spread by Christians. The double standards
      of "do what I say, not as I do". Churches who decry homosexuality, and
      yet, say nothing on issues such as child abuse, divorce, domestic
      violence etc. etc.

      What the hypocracy has done is pushed my family away from Christianity;
      my father no longer wants any association with the Catholic Church after
      the hypocratic and homophobic Bishop Pell was promoted to Cardinal, as
      for my sister, brother and I, we no longer want a religion that dictates
      to us.

      For my sister and I, we converted to Buddhism over 10 years ago and
      haven't looked back; we're no longer dictated to by priests and self
      appointed gurus. My "lifestyle choice" as Christians like to call it is
      never questioned as the more important things such as respecting others
      take a higher presidence over what people do behind closed doors. My
      brother and mother are agnostic; they would rather believe in a God
      without all the baggage associated with his fan club on earth.

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