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  • Matthew Gardiner
    Oct 6, 2004
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      > This make me think about the number of people who come to Christ for
      > Out of the whole number of people born what percent are born again.
      But Christ
      > would have died for just one person to repent. Missionaries go to a
      foreign land
      > and may see one or two converts in their life time. Does that mean
      that they
      > should give up.

      Nor should they, but they should also realise that they too are human
      and are subject to making errors. To simply set up camp around the
      world, declare everyone elses belief systems invalid, then demand
      conversion on mass is at the least arrogance and in the worst, bigotry
      of the highest order.

      > Maybe only a few men change their orientation. Does than mean that we
      > discourage anyone else from trying. I believe that I am happier now
      than when
      > I was trying to find men. I was happier before I thought of finding
      one. I
      > didn't get married to try to change my orientation. That doesn't
      sound like
      > the right reason to get married But lots of people get married for
      the wrong
      > reasons.

      Before you go further, why did you need to find men? why was there this
      driving idea of *having* to have a man? for me, and I'm sure most people
      here, most people don't get hung up if they're single, if Mr Right pops
      up, sure, no problems, bt I am sure none of the guys or girls here are
      losing sleep not having a partner; what you should have been question is
      not your homosexuality by why you have this overwhelming desire of
      feeling like you have to have a companion; are you trying to escape from
      something? using religion and relationships to hide from the real problem.

      > So now we have guys marrying guys and women marrying women. so that means
      > we can divorce them right? where does this lead? Dale

      And why would that be an issue? we've seen the religious right running
      hand in hand with Fox screaming the virtues of marriage, but of course,
      according to their double standard, there is nothing wrong with 4 dozen
      screaming lasses competing for a bachelor, or the "on the show
      marriages" we seeing being broadcasted like some sort of game show.

      Maybe if these churches who rally against homosexuality and same sex
      unions want to get some legitimacy, they first should get their house in
      order before dictating to all and sundry about what people can and can't
      do in the privacy of their own home with a partner of conscenting age.

      Just look at the train wreck, Terry Randall, after married to his loyal
      wife for over a decade, he trades her in for a younger model; Rupert
      Murdoch, wife loyal to him for 34 years, knew him when he was nothing
      but an manager of a two bit newspaper in Victoria, what did he do? he
      divorced and traded his loyal wife of 34 years in for a younger model.
      Need I go on? how about Nwet Gingrich who was doing a bit of slap and
      tickle behind his wifes back, the wife who was lying in hospital
      fighting for her life with cancer.

      The train wreck of marriage in the conservative Christian following is
      nothing to be proud about and should be addressed before these people
      start throwing stones at perceived evils they claim they see, according
      to their lack of insight about the bible and intepreting it.

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