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  • Anthony Venn-Brown
    Aug 12, 2004
      Ps….would love to be a live journaller…….but really don’t think I have the

      Looks like fun though…..I believe some of them get 1,000’s of hits per
      day……..same as a Blog isn’t it.

      Moderator and author of:
      'A Life of Unlearning -Coming Out of the Church - One Man's Struggle'
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      <http://www.anthonyvennbrown.com/book.html> .
      My sexual orientation is not a sickness to be healed or a sin to be
      forgiven. My sexual orientation is a gift from my Creator to be accepted,
      celebrated, and lived with integrity.

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      From: Kurt [mailto:koenbear@...]
      Sent: Friday, 13 August 2004 00:54
      To: exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [ExExGayMinistry] Greetings!

      Hello all,

      I just joined the group and thought I would put out a quick

      My name is Kurt and I live with my partner in Portland, OR. I am
      now 33 but was a part of the ex-gay movement for about 10 years. I
      came out at 18, but quickly went back in the closet at 19 when I had
      a conversion experience and started going to a conservative
      Christian church. My involvement in a local ex-gay ministry in the
      San Jose, CA area started at about the same time. I spent 2 years
      in that program and even got a diploma showing that I had graduated.

      A few years later, in my mid-20's, I went back to school in
      Minnesota to study for the ministry in the Wisconsin Evangelical
      Lutheran Synod. In school, I was told not to tell people even that
      I "had been" gay, so I was completely closeted, both as gay and ex-
      gay. Wanting someone to talk to I created a Yahoo group called 611
      (from 1 Corinthians 6:11). That list was grew to about 100 people
      and was around for a few years.

      In my ministry life, I had been assigned as a minister in San
      Antonio, TX. While I was there, I was told that I was being
      considered for a ministry position at a small congregation in
      Brazil. The catch: they don't normally send single guys on foreign
      missions. So, thinking it was what God wanted for my life, I got
      married, was assigned to Brazil and moved there in November.

      Brazil is where the shit hit the fan. Our marriage did not go
      well. On a trip back to the U.S. issues about my sexuality came
      out. Long story short: I was told that I wasn't fit for ministry
      because I might molest a teenager (never mind that I had no history
      of that or anything that might indicate I would).

      On September 10th of 2001 I left my wife, my career, and my church.
      I stayed overnight in a motel in San Antonio, TX intending to fly to
      Portland, OR the next day. That never happened because of the
      terrorist attacks in New York and at the Pentagon. Instead I drove
      the 2,4000 miles and attmepted to start my life over.

      The good news is that there is a happy ending: I met my partner 2
      weeks after I got here. That was 3 years ago. We just bought a
      home together. I am back in school pursuing a Masters of Divinity,
      and I am a candidate for ordination in the United Church of Christ.

      Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to make a quick introduction
      and let y'all know that I'm here.

      You can read about stuff I write about here:

      Any Livejournal users out there?


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