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3053Re: Gay vs Goy?

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  • xaipete_adelphe
    Jun 2, 2004
      Amen to that NY Guy. We really do have something to be thankful for
      when we attend a worship service and don't have to worry about being
      gay bashed. It's time for the Church to start loving again.
      Judgment without Love, Grace, Mercy = Death for all.

      At any rate I'm personally glad to see Christianity even taking root
      in the gay community, though witchcraft is fast encroaching into the
      teen community in the Memphis area, as well as teens in general.
      Wicca is really taking root in the minds and hearts of teenage kids
      in America, but the crazy thing is the one organization you would
      think would be all over it--AFA--is NOT.

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