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3049RE: [ExExGayMinistry] Gay vs Goy?

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  • Ex-Gay Watch
    Jun 1, 2004
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      I also found Alex's points helpful, but I disagree that "anything goes" is a
      "liberal" theology.

      I have observed that an "anything goes" attitude is solidly entrenched in
      many (not all) conservative churches. The attitude is manifested in various
      combinations of some of the following:

      -- materialism: an unchallenged acceptance of the overaccumulation of
      property and what most of the world views as wasteful luxury: three-bedroom,
      two-car homes; multiple computers; home theater; shelves stuffed with rarely
      used possessions; high credit card bills; no savings.
      -- prosperity theology,
      -- support for the death penalty, no matter how racially and economically
      inequitable it may be,
      -- support for tax-the-poor and me-first social and economic policies,
      -- support (in Florida, for example) for a constitutional amendment giving
      parents sole authority over their children and nullifying government action
      against child abuse,
      -- contempt for the environment, treating conservation as a "New Age" cult,
      -- support for war and torture as early responses to a conflict,
      -- patriotism embodied not in respect for human rights and free speech, but
      in idolization of the American or Confederate flag.

      To be sure, one can find "anything goes" attitudes among some liberals.
      These might be manifested in such things as:

      -- inadequate intervention with friends involved in sexual addiction, unsafe
      sex, or substance abuse,
      -- support for abortion with no restrictions whatsoever.
      -- materialism, misdirected patriotism, and war (see above -- liberals and
      conservatives frequently suffer from the same issues)

      I feel that it's unwise to toss around the "L" word too "liberally"; most
      complaints that I hear about liberals are strawman arguments, and so are
      some of the complaints that I hear about conservatives, when the complaints
      are applied too broadly.

      Mike Airhart
      Ex-Gay Watch
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