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  • Bob Griffith
    Nov 8, 2003
      How true! This point was particularly lost on the Rev. Fox, priest from
      the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, when he stood before the
      couple-thousand people in attendance (including many children) during the
      consecration of Gene Robinson and began detailing homosexual sex-acts and
      the assumed percentages of the gay population who engage in such acts.
      Luckily, the Presiding Bishop stopped him right after he began detailing
      the particular aspects of "rimming," and before he got to more shocking

      I am assuming he thought that if all the people in attendence suddenly
      realized what the homosexual lifestyle was all about - extream sex acts -
      then they would rise up and demand that Gene not be consecrated. I've
      read the full text of his intended remarks, and I cannot believe that he
      had the nerve to read such details in public consecration. Very
      inappropriate. Anyway, did you all know that 41% of homosexuals engage in
      "fisting" on a regular basis? That IS the lifestyle, right?


      --- nyguy_1225 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      >The point, of
      > course, is that gay people, whether Christian or non-Christian, are
      > as diverse as straight people are and consequently so too are their
      > lifestyles. There are also as many different kinds of homosexual
      > relationships as there are heterosexual. They range from permanent,
      > deeply-caring unions, to short-term relationships, to one-night
      > stands to rape. There appears to this infantile notion out here that
      > there is such a thing as a "gay community" and that they all feel
      > and think the same way about everything. Such error causes endless
      > misunderstanding.
      > -Alex
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