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  • nyguy_1225
    Nov 8, 2003
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      <<...I know he went back into the lifestyle but that was over a
      decade ago....>>

      Firstly, I'm must say I'm terribly saddened that this group, which
      used to quite intelligently grapple with matters of faith and the
      decisions and issues that arise as one attempts to apply the Bible
      sensibly and responsibly, has been reduced to a mere empty shell of
      what it originally functioned to be. Among the many groups out
      there there deal predominantly with nonsense, empty talk, and/or
      serve as a vehicle for spouting out and holding onto anger, this
      group was one of the few exceptions.

      That said, I also feel compelled to comment on the above post. It
      always makes me chuckle when I hear talk about people going into or
      coming out of "the lifestyle." The homosexual "lifestyle" without
      an S on the end is a misnomer and should never be used because there
      are many homosexual lifestyles just as there are many heterosexual
      lifestyles. As Peggy Campolo (evangelist Tony Campolo's wife) has
      pointed out: "Madonna and I are both heterosexual women but you
      can't say that we live a lifestyle that's the same." The point, of
      course, is that gay people, whether Christian or non-Christian, are
      as diverse as straight people are and consequently so too are their
      lifestyles. There are also as many different kinds of homosexual
      relationships as there are heterosexual. They range from permanent,
      deeply-caring unions, to short-term relationships, to one-night
      stands to rape. There appears to this infantile notion out here that
      there is such a thing as a "gay community" and that they all feel
      and think the same way about everything. Such error causes endless

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