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  • Joe Allen Doty
    Apr 1, 2003
      Greetings in the Name of Jesus the Christ!

      I am a "ex-exgay" myself although I never went through an actual ex-gay ministry program. I will post my testimony here at a later time. I do manage some Christian groups on Yahoo and even have one which is sort of patterned after oru-out.com's purposes. "ORU-OUT, Inc." is a group for those who have gone to Oral Roberts University or worked for any of the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association ministries. Jeff, the president of the "unofficial" alumni group, is both a graduate of ORU and a former employee there, too. While the group is not approved of by the administration of ORU, many of those who work there now are.

      I have read hundreds of so-called testimonies of "exgays" and everyone of them has had a "loophole" of some kind in them which showed they were not telling the whole truth about themselves. I think that most of us ex-gays certainly know about John Paulk, the former president of Exodus International and the human sexuality expert with Focus On The Family (still works for them), and his going in to a bar in Washington, DC just to use the restroom where he stayed for about 3/4 of an hour. He knew it was a gay bar before he went into it. If a person which a camera had not shown up, he probably would have had a date that very day. And you know what kind I men, folks!

      I will be posting here later and hope to enjoy the fellowship of the group, too. Please excuse my typos since a head injury affecting my motor skills is the cause of most of my errors in messages. More on that later, too.

      Walk in the Beauty of the LORD's Peace,

      Joe Allen Doty

      Tulsa, Oklahoma

      I have two types of closets: one kind for clothes and the other for prayers.

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