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  • calldon2k
    Mar 18, 2003
      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, Tryjesus33@a... wrote:
      > All I know is that Jesus got me out of the homosexual life style a
      long time
      > ago and I praise His name and only His name for that. No human
      being could
      > have done it - just like no human being could have relieved my
      > It is not complicated!!
      > I cannot envision any reason on Earth or in Heaven why I would ever
      go back!!

      I am always amused at people who use generalizations to prove a
      point. I am also amused when someone says something like, "It
      happened to me and it can happen to you," as if THEIR experience was
      the NORM and identical to that of everyone else.

      Barbara, exactly WHAT was the "homosexual life style" in which you
      were living? Are you assuming that every gay person lived the same
      life style" that you lived? Are you suggesting that every gay person
      is an alcoholic like you and will be taken out of the alcoholic
      lifestyle in the same way that you were? After all, "it is not
      complicated." (I suggest you tell that at a few A.A. meetings.)

      Barbara, define your particular "homosexual life style."

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