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  • Brian Chase
    Mar 18, 2003
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      Hey NYguy,

      I really appreciate your thoughtful response. I am very much in agreement
      with most of what you wrote about interpretation. My approach is a bit
      different than yours and probably a bit more ham-handed. I believe that
      parts of the Bible are inspired, and parts are culturally imposed gibberish
      -- and I believe that God gave us brains and hearts so we can try to tell
      the difference.

      My only big quibble is with the following:

      "The Bible is a divinely inspired book (2 Tim. 3:16) and therefore should be
      reverently approached."

      Although I believe that portions of the Bible are inspired, I don't believe
      the passage you cite supports that assertion or the claim that the entire
      Bible is inspired. First of all, the verse was written before the canon was
      compiled -- so how could it refer to the Bible when the Bible didn't exist
      yet? At most, it could refer to the Old Testament.

      Secondly, the verse can also be translated as "all scripture that is
      inspired is worthy of teaching" rather than "all scripture is inspired."
      The first translation makes a heck of a lot more sense since there is no way
      that a letter written at the time could have been referring to itself as
      scripture. The passage probably means that we should study inspired
      scripture, but I don't see it as a claim that the entire Bible is inspired.

      Finally, the argument that �the Bible is inspired by God because the Bible
      says so� is circular reasoning. If I write a book and insert the claim that
      the book is inspired by God, that would prove absolutely nothing. Whoever
      wrote II Timothy (probably a student of Paul) was in no position to make an
      authoritative claim that all scripture was inspired.

      Because the Bible contains passages and teachings that are immoral and
      barbaric by any reasonably sane standard, I have to conclude that
      significant parts of the Bible were the product of the authors rather than
      the product of God. I find this approach much more satisfying than trying
      to figure out how certain repulsive and/or stupid passages of the Bible
      somehow advance God's will. Unless God truly approves of flogging slaves,
      executing gays and has a hang-up about loaning money for interest -- I think
      we can safely say that the Bible contains some mistakes.


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