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2713Re: [ExExGayMinistry] Re: www.AnythingButStraight.com

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  • Brian Chase
    Mar 17, 2003
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      Tryjesus33 sez:

      �Did I strike a nerve?�

      Well, condescending and rude messages will do that sometimes. Homosexuality
      is nothing like alcoholism, and comparing those two things as if they were
      both equally �problems� to be �solved� is fantastically rude. It�s also
      presumptuous to ascribe your personal experiences to the universe. All
      available objective data indicates that gay people cannot change our
      attraction (though I leave open the possibility that some people have more
      fluid orientations -- such people are very few and far between).

      �Many have felt exceedingly depressed and hopeless, others have embraced a
      liberal "anything-goes" type of pro-gay theology, adopting dubious
      interpretations of Scripture (in my opinion), and worse still, far more have
      left the Church altogether�

      I hope you allow for people to both be Christian and not believe that the
      Bible is 100% inspired and accurate. Many (if not most) Christians have
      long abandoned the idea that the Bible is perfect. This does not make one
      less of a Christian. Indeed, there is a good argument that a slavish
      devotion to the Bible is a form of idolatry that attempts to cram the
      limitless into the limited.

      Wayne Besen is Jewish, so I�m pretty sure he has no feelings one way or
      another about the Christian faith of gay people. He doesn�t care if people
      leave the church or start going in droves -- all he cares about is how
      ex-gay programs lie and harm.

      Wayne is not someone to lead gay people to faith and let them understand
      that homosexuality and Christianity are not incompatible. That�s for
      others, like many of the good people on this list.

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