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  • Norm
    Mar 16, 2003

      The website does acknowledge that Jeremy Marks' Courage ministry is
      still operating and lists Courage on the resources page of the
      website. I think you are only refering to the Courage citation on
      the website's scandals page.

      Jeremy Marks' Courage does have a unique viewpoint on ex-gay
      ministries. Although he considers ex-gay ministries to
      be "unbiblical", he still lists ex-gay ministries as a referal for
      those who are too "intimidated" by pro-gay groups and find the
      Church too "hostile". I'm not sure that is the most helpful way of
      helping those who are uncomfortable or intimidated.

      - Norm! (nojam75@...)

      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, nyguy_1225 <no_reply@y...>
      > It's an interesting web site and as anyone who posts on this board
      > would know I'm all for exposing the "ex-gay" myth as the dangerous
      > and too often fatal fraud that it is. But I must say I'm also
      > somewhat concerned about exposing the myth by throwing out the
      > (i.e. Christian faith) with the bath water. Besen rightly
      > acknowledges on his site that Jeremy Marks, for example, the
      > of Courage, London's first "ex-gay" ministry, after nearly 15
      > of watching people struggle in vain to "change" their orientations
      > renounced Exodus' methods by saying they were failing (and had
      > failed!) in their efforts to change peoples' sexual orientation.
      > But unfortunately Besen says nothing about the fact that Jeremy
      > his Courage ministry are still going strong today stronger than
      > ever!) now that the ministry has changed its focus and provides
      > realistic support for Christian gay people. But without any
      > knowledge of the other half of the story what are those who have
      > been hurt and disillusioned by the "ex-gay" myth to conclude?
      > their faith was useless and a fraud as well?
      > I, like others, have heard the heart cry of those who have lost
      > hope. I've seen people become seriously disillusioned. Many have
      > felt exceedingly depressed and hopeless, others have embraced a
      > liberal "anything-goes" type of pro-gay theology, adopting dubious
      > interpretations of Scripture (in my opinion), and worse still, far
      > more have left the Church altogether. We know the response of
      > Christian psychotherapists and pastors is often: "Get rid of this
      > disgusting homosexual habit and you'll be okay." And then not
      > to "get rid" of their immutable sexual orientation no matter how
      > long or hard they try, Christian gay people then turn to secular
      > therapists or liberal religionists who say: "Get rid of this
      > oppressive god-stuff and you'll be okay." Christian gay people
      > have a more realistic alternative than either of these two
      > -Alex
      > --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, "Norm" <nojam75@y...>
      > > There's a new website about the "ex-gay" movement.
      > > www.anythingbutstraight.com is the website for the upcoming
      > R.
      > > Besen book. The website features a great chronology of some of
      > the
      > > notrious ex-gay scandals.
      > >
      > > - Norm! (nojam75@y...)
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