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  • nyguy_1225
    Mar 16 4:09 PM
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      Barbara, I do not recall any controvery on this board ever over this
      man or his work, such as you infer. But more to the point, as far
      as your "testimony" is concerned, though I appreciate your sentiment
      I, like many others, still maintain there is very wide range of
      experience between one who is or has been involved in homosexual
      activity and one who is indeed homosexual. Orientation must not be
      confused with behavior. Heterosexual individuals may in certain
      circumstances engage in genital homosexual acts, e.g. in a single-
      sex social environment like a prison, the navy, or a boarding
      school. Heterosexual individuals may also engage in homosexual
      activity -- and even relationships in situations where there has
      been severe emotional wounding. Some of the very same circumstances
      I might add that cause some to get ensnared in alcoholism and other
      compulsive behaviors, such as you have described and personally
      experienced. Similarly homosexual individuals, under certain kinds
      of pressure, may marry and have children.

      I have no intention of getting into a verbal volleyball match with
      you on this issue. You can proclaim your "freedom from
      homosexuality" till the cows come home. But as Paul advises in
      concluding his discourse on the "weak" and the "strong" in and
      around Romans 14, each Christian should be fully convinced in his or
      her own mind when it comes to the rightness of one's own lifestyle.
      Each individual is responsible for his or her own conscience before
      the Lord. I'm happy you're happy. Now you need to give others the
      space and the due respect to do the same.

      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, Tryjesus33@a... wrote:
      > Hi Alex - I reserved a copy of the book - I just want to see once
      and for all
      > where this guy is coming from!!! I remember the controversy we
      had on this
      > board a few months ago - just at the mention of his name!
      > It reminds me of the confusion one can get into when one hears of
      a straight
      > male who has sex change and becomes a woman and then gets into the
      gay life
      > and becomes a Lesbian. Go figure!! That is how I feel about the
      > "Ex-Ex-Gay"!!
      > All I know is that Jesus got me out of the homosexual life style a
      long time
      > ago and I praise His name and only His name for that. No human
      being could
      > have done it - just like no human being could have relieved my
      > It is not complicated!!
      > I cannot envision any reason on Earth or in Heaven why I would
      ever go back!!
      > Love you,
      > Barbara Mullin in Beautiful Jacksonville, FL 72 degrees
      > 2 Corinthians 4: Verse 13: "It is written" (Psalm 119: Verse
      > "I believed, therefore I have spoken. With that same spirit of
      FAITH we also
      > believe and therefore speak". Amen!
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