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2694Re: One-Shot posters

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  • nyguy_1225
    Feb 3, 2003
      One would almost have to expect a lot of "one-shot" (as you call
      them) posters. Don't forget, like the gospel itself, the issue
      concerning the Bible and homosexuality can be an extremely
      threatening and emotionally charged issue. It's one of the hottest
      potatoes, if not THE hottest, in Christendom today. So if some
      people can manage to only dip their big toe in the water one time, I
      say more power to them. Maybe sometime later, they'll feel
      courageous enough to come back and go in waste deep. :-) Don't
      forget there are also scores of people who come by to read what
      others have had to say without ever feeling brave enough to "join"
      for even the one post! Everyone must be free to deal with this
      issue in their own way and at their own pace.

      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, calldon2k <no_reply@y...>
      > I find it funny that there are so many one-shot posters
      like "verap1"
      > and "barb22y" who come in here, post, then disappear. After the
      > first post by "verap1" I checked the members list. She wasn't
      > on it. Joined, posted, then un-joined! Nothing like honesty.
      > And others post a message to stir-up trouble, trying to convert
      > everyone here, then disappear for months, only to reappear to
      > the same, old arguments. Where is BearJer?
      > Hmmmm...I guess it is the nature of the Internet.
      > D*
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