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2634Re: [ExExGayMinistry] Reading Between the Lines...

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  • Brian Chase
    Jan 19, 2003
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      "Hundreds, if not thousands of times." OK, I can believe that some small
      number of gay people are happy in heterosexual marriages. But out of
      millions of gay people who have entered heterosexual marriages, even ten
      thousand qualifies as statistically insignificant by any reasonable
      scientific criterion.

      I wouldn't argue that some gay people can't be happy in heterosexual
      marriages. It's certainly possible, but the overwhelming majority are not
      happy, healthy or content. That misery spreads to their wives and children.
      These kinds of relationships would be discouraged in any healthy society,
      and would be strongly discouraged by any sort of compasionate God.

      As a rule, gay people should not be encouraged to enter heterosexual
      marriages. Christ called us to self-sacrifice, not self-delusion. Christ
      calls us to sometimes sacrifice our happiness for that of others, but he
      does not call us to sacrifice the happiness of wives and children in order
      to prolong marriages that never should have happened in the first place
      (again, in the overwhelming majority of cases).

      Augustine saw celibacy as a divine gift. It's not something everybody can
      do, and that's why God wants us in committed relationships if we are not
      celibate. Those relationships should not be based on deception.

      If a heterosexual and a homosexual are honest and want to stay married,
      that's fine with me, but they shouldn't pretend that their relationship is
      the norm or a healthy model for the overwhelming majority of gay folks for
      whom such a relationship would bring nothing but pain.

      b/t/w -- if you think I'm militant, you should hang out with the real thing
      some time. Whoah, those folks can be strident.

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