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  • calldon2k
    Jan 19, 2003
      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, BearJER@J... wrote:
      > Brian, what bothers me about this type of "militant" thinking is
      that you
      > NEVER acknowledge that someone might be able to work through their
      > homosexuality and still stay married to a person of the opposite
      sex. It
      > has happened hundreds, if not thousands of times.

      I have read both of your posts today and have some questions for ya:

      ONE.) Where did you get the data for your statement
      above, "hundreds, if not thousands" of folks have "work[ed] through
      their homosexuality and still stay married to a person of the
      opposite sex???"
      How do you come to the figure "hundreds, if not thousands?"
      Did you read this in a book?
      Did you take a poll/survey?

      TWO.) Define specifically "work through their homosexuality???"
      Do you mean that they are now heterosexual?
      Do you mean that they deny their sexuality?
      Do you mean that they stay married and still have sex with men?
      So you mean that they have sex with their wife while still
      fanticising about men?

      THREE.) How many of these "hundreds, if not thousands" of folks have
      you met, do you know personally?

      >I just happen to believe in
      > teaching truth, REAL TRUTH.

      FOUR.) If someone comes to another conclusion from what you
      consider "REAL TRUTH," do you ever think that THEY might have
      the "REAL TRUTH" and that your "truth" might actually be error?

      FIVE.) What if new truth was discovered that conflicted with
      your "REAL TRUTH?" Would you honestly embrace the new truth or
      stubbornly cling to your "REAL TRUTH" even when it is revealed to be

      >Anyone can have an argument, but your blunt
      > statements that SEEM to say a homosexual can NEVER be happy in a
      > HETEROSEXUAL marriage simply are not true. I and lots of others are
      > LIVING proof.

      SIX.) You and HOW MANY OTHERS are "LIVING proof?"

      SEVEN.) Living proof of WHAT specifically?

      >I am not trying to say that EVERYONE in an UNHAPPY,
      > UN-FULFILLED marriage should stay married. But God is not the
      author of
      > NO-FAULT divorce (don't bother to try to work it out), even among
      > heterosexuals.

      EIGHT.) Jerry, exactly when would you advise a married gay man to
      seek divorce? What would cause you to do that?

      COMMENT: Jerry, if I recall, I have asked you many questions in the
      past and, if I recall, you have never bothered to answer any of
      them. Please help me to understand exactly what you are promoting by
      answering my questions above.

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