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  • nyguy_1225
    Jan 13, 2003
      Don, I give credit to the ever-increasing number of Christians who
      have shown the courage and have faith enough to adjust their
      thinking and doctrine when they discover what they've be taught for
      many years doesn't hold up to the correct exegesis of Scripture.

      A big turning point for me in helping others in matters pertaining
      to sexuality was in realizing that it is not realistic to expect
      people who have been taught all their lives that any and all
      expressions of homosexuality are biblically wrong to turn their
      thinking around in one of two conversations. At best, one can hope
      to re-open the argument. And then when the argument has been re-
      opened through time (and some require more time than others)
      Christians with real faith, courage and who sincerely want to know
      the truth can begin to see the futility of the doctrine they've been
      handed. I've seen it time and time again. And it continues to
      happen all around me.

      A good analogy to what I'm talking about might be with what I went
      through as a Jewish man. I was raised to believe that Jesus was not
      for the Jews. That was drummed into my head since I was born.
      Hence, when approached with the idea that Christ was the promised
      Messiah, the One prophesied about throughout the OT, the idea seemed
      absolutely preposterous to me. I certainly didn't jump on the band
      wagon very quickly. I argued and held my ground tooth and nail. It
      was quite some time before my own arguments began to crumble. And
      even then it required courage (which took more time) for me to come
      to terms with the fact that although my Jewish family, my Jewish
      friends and my Jewish community were not going to be happy campers,
      I wanted the truth and was willing to go against the grain, as it
      were, to walk in it.

      Though many do not, many other Christian people do want the truth
      too. They're not all arrogant. Try to be a little more patient
      with these people just as the people who challenged me
      with "unthinkable" doctrine were patient with me when I had to
      consider things that went against everything I had ever been
      taught. God is not done with them yet any more than he is done with
      any of us.

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      > wrote:
      > > Jerry, it strikes me as curious that although you have on
      > > occasions communicated your strong interest in dialoging on the
      > > passages concerning the Bible and sexuality and ask lots of
      > > questions, you generally simply disappear as soon as answers are
      > > provided -- only to reappear again some weeks later.
      > >
      > > I well understand how grappling with these issues can be
      > difficult.
      > > I also understand how the difficulties become all the more
      > > when one has a wife and/or children who obviously would also be
      > > affected by the decisions and choices we make.
      > >
      > > But the fact that you keep coming back here with challenge after
      > > challenge (most of which have not held any biblical water to
      > > of) and question after question (which have always been and
      > > will be welcome) would seem to indicate that if you had it to do
      > all
      > > over again you would very likely do things differently. Why
      > > would you want others to have to go through the same life of
      > > frustration that you and far too many others have had to
      > At
      > > the very least, you help others by simply stop perpetuating
      the "ex-
      > > gay" lie so that those who come after you won't have to fall
      > > the same deception.
      > >
      > > As the proverbial father who wants a better life for his
      > > than he was afforded or who wants to help his children avoid the
      > > pitfalls he fell subject to, so you too can help the next
      > generation
      > > by stopping the lie that's been spread over the last generation
      > that
      > > God is in the business of changing people's sexual orientation.
      > > There clearly is no evidence to support the myth, biblical or
      > > otherwise and you know it as well, if not better, than most.
      > I think you are being FAR TOO HONEST here. Most Christians are
      > ready to open up...about anything, much less this issue.
      > Ninety-five percent of the folks in the pew don't even want to
      > be transformed by the renewing of their mind!!! They just want
      > to "accept Christ" then settle-back into their normal, un-changed
      > life!
      > D*
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