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  • David
    Jan 11, 2003
      I lost a good friend a few years back because he never could accept
      who he was, kept playing the "all I need is to get healed game" while
      acting on is sexual needs in the most dangerous ways. It had already
      destroyed his marriage (there was more than that involved) was
      wrecking his physical health, massacred his finances (and messed with
      mine ultimately) and in the end got him murdered in a very gruesome
      manner. And all could have been avoided that is what is so
      frustrating and makes me mad to this day. Maybe his marriage could
      not have been saved but his life could have and the life of the man
      that killed him. And his children could have been spared the
      heartache they went through and all the amazing amounts of good he
      did with his life could have been untainted by what happened. But no
      the church - starting with the Roman Catholic church he grew up in
      and then the Pentecostal churches he converted to later in life
      destroyed any sense of self worth the man had. Taught him that as
      long as he had these "evil" desires he was not worthy in God's eyes
      and the haunted him daily. They killed him just as much as the
      homeless man that bashed in his skull with a radio because he claimed
      my friend had tried to have sex with him.
      How many of the "ex-gay" people are walking time bombs. I'm not
      saying they are right or wrong to stay in marriages that is certainly
      up to them. But they absolutely have to be honest with themselves
      and admit who they are not try to force down and deny needs and
      emotions. How destructive for all involved.

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