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  • calldon2k
    Jan 11, 2003
      --- In exexgayministry@yahoogroups.com, BearJER@J... wrote:
      > Maybe the fact that the focus is changing to SURVIVING AND STAYING
      > MARRIED is a good thing, do you suppose? Hard to believe that God
      > a man who has been married and can work it out, whether gay or not,
      > leave his wife and family, don't you think?
      > --Jerry

      Hard to believe that God calls a woman, who has been married with
      kids, to continue to live in submission to an alcoholic, wife-beating
      bum of a man, don't you think? But I know many females who stayed in
      those marriages because THE CHURCH TOLD THEM IT WAS THE RIGHT
      THING!!! Their so-called "Godly" pastor told them it was a SIN to
      divorce that son-of-a-bitch abusive drunk. Worse is the "emotional
      abuser" who claims his actions are all in the name of God, who claims
      spiritual superiority because he is heterosexual!

      Jerry, I know all of these folks personally. I have known them and
      their families for decades. Do you think GOD would call the woman to
      stay in those impossible situations?!? Please tell me what you
      think. How would YOU advise them?
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