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2510Re: Not going to argue for argument's sake...

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  • calldon2k
    Oct 1, 2002
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      --- In exexgayministry@y..., "Kapitano" <kapitano@b...> wrote:
      > nyguy wrote:
      > > Personally, I think this "misprogramming" nonsense is exactly
      that --
      > > nonsense.
      > Kapitano wrote:
      > Absolutely. I agree with your entire post. I'd just like to bring up
      > the other side of the facts you state.
      > There's cirtainly no single cause for a person's sexual orientation,
      > and the multitude of factors - biological, psychological, social,
      > whatever - that make one person 100% gay, are not the same
      > group that make another person intermittantly bisexual.

      Something else to consider:

      WHAT causes a person to be heterosexual? Is it biological,
      phycholocigal, social, childhood trauma, seperation from parents???

      Is heterosexuality considered normal because there is more of it and
      it allows reproduction in humans?


      > But this needs to be balanced against two other facts. First,
      > that once a sexuality is 'established' (at puberty?) it is
      > to change by an effort of will.

      I think people "want" different things at different stages of their

      >And second, that a person's
      > sexuality changes over time, irrespective of their wishes.

      Your life experiences change. Your desires might change also to a
      degree, sometimes small, sometimes great.

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