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2508Re: Basic Facts

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  • calldon2k
    Oct 1, 2002
      --- In exexgayministry@y..., poker6900 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > I agree that there is no sound Biblical argument for the basis of
      > ex-gays.
      > I was just presenting a reasonable postion against one of their
      > views that "God created them Male and Female and told them to go
      > forth and multiply". If you cannot even define what is male and
      > is female when 1 in 100 people have bodies that differ from the
      > standard male or female (see message 2473 for the rest of the
      > argument) than how can you use that argument.
      > I don't understand why people never use this argument and I have
      > never heard anyone ever argue against this argument.

      Every illustration ultimately breaks down. So does this one...
      "God created them Male and Female and told them to go forth and

      That would seem to imply several things:

      A person would be going against God's will IF that person...
      1) Chose to remain single
      2) Chose to remain childless

      If a person divorces, do they HAVE to get remarried?
      If a person has a child that dies, do the HAVE to reproduce again?
      If a person cannot produce children (for medical reasons) do they
      have to adopt to be in God's will?

      THAT would certainly speak that many people are living against the
      will of God.

      That fractured logic could go on and on. But I bring it up when
      people use the above or "Adam and Eve" as "the standard" by which we
      should live our lives.

      Know what I mean???
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