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2312Re: [ExExGayMinistry] Evangelism?

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  • BearJER@juno.com
    Jun 11 8:48 PM
      Mike, I agree that Pat Robertson certainly did the body of Christ and
      himself a dis-service when he bought an expensive race horse. I don't
      know what he was thinking, but I believe that the 700 Club's ministry
      called Operation Blessing has helped lots of poor people, so I'm not
      exactly sure where you're coming from in saying he is infamous in
      enslaving the poor? He has been highly respected among black Christians
      -- he is not a racist. In fact, his co-host for many years was a black
      man, Ben Kincheloe. I think we should quit the name calling and simply
      state when we disagree with a person's policy or philosophy without
      slamming other sincere Christians.

      Thanks for listening.

      Jerry in Michigan

      On Sun, 9 Jun 2002 11:19:57 -0400 "Michael Airhart"
      <mairhart@...> writes:
      > Somehow, discussions about evangelism inevitably focus on the quacks
      > who
      > are loudest and slickest about their heresy -- while ignoring the
      > majority of Christian evangelistic ministries.
      > Specifically, Catholic, Quaker, Mennonite, and Lutheran
      > evangelistic
      > ministries.
      > We all know that attention-grabbing quacks terrorize and threaten
      > Catholics, Mormons, Jews, and Adventists among others if they fail
      > to
      > bow to American nationalism, consumerism, and racist Southern
      > distortions of the Bible. They even collect money from the working
      > and
      > enslaved poor and give it to the rich -- sometimes themselves,
      > sometimes
      > the secular rulers of their despotic nations. Pat Robertson is
      > infamous
      > in this regard.
      > *GENUINE* evangelical programs have historically fed, educated and
      > otherwise empowered the poor to take control of their own physical
      > and
      > spiritual lives; to make Jesus' liberating message their own --
      > within
      > their own cultural context; and to enact Jesus' message of social
      > justice within their communities even as that meant risking their
      > lives
      > thwarting corrupt local authorities and foreign economic and
      > political
      > manipulation.
      > Who is to blame for our grossly distorted perspective on evangelism?
      > The
      > heretics? The media? Church officials who are afraid to rock their
      > boatloads of wealthy donors?
      > Whoever we blame, I wouldn't blame the real evangelists -- their job
      > is
      > to accomplish social justice, NOT to make fortunes as well-dressed,
      > limo-escorted policy wonks and blabbermouths on cushy American talk
      > shows and infomercials.
      > Sincerely,
      > Mike
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