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2286Re: Willing Ex-Gay Participation

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  • nojam75
    May 11, 2002
      --- In exexgayministry@y..., calldon2k <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Too bad that they cannot understand that a person can be a
      > even if they don't believe point-by-point as they do! It is a
      > that they have lost a good friendship and a good friend.

      One of the best benefits of coming out of fundamentalism was
      realizing that I no longer had to classify everyone in Saved ("One
      of Us") and Unsaved ("Them") categories. It's liberating to know
      that I don't have to automatically stigmatize someone who may not
      hold the same faith as my own.

      > Unfortunately, many who come from the ultra-fundie-type
      > see no middle ground spiritually. They have been taught "if you
      > not FOR God (in our image of Him) then you are AGAINST God...and
      > us...and all things good and holy. I have seen so many of them
      > discard all spiritual things and ideas completely. Too bad for

      More importantly fundamentalism tends to discard non-fundamentalist
      people. Other than viewing them as potential new recruits,
      fundamentalism does not value non-believers.

      Hope is probably the most liberating aspects of leaving
      fundamentalism. Hope in finding value in other people and hope in
      the here & now. The message of Jesus was the hope of experiencing
      the kingdom of God in this life -- not in the afterlife or during
      the end of the world.

      - Norm!
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