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2280Re: Live by the sword, die by the sword

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  • calldon2k
    May 8, 2002
      --- In exexgayministry@y..., "Michael Airhart" <mairhart@i...> wrote:
      > But some of it is simply a denial of personal responsibility. Some
      > ex-ex-gays won't admit that they joined ex-gay ministries of their
      > free will, and whatever happened there was partly a matter of
      > choice. In most cases, no one made them spend years in poorly
      > ministries. It was their choice.

      Mike, that simply is NOT true. First you need to consider WHY they
      went to an ex-gay ministry in the first place. It CERTAINLY was NOT
      because they were emotionally well adjusted and content with their
      life and their walk with Christ.

      In general, people who enter an ex-gay ministry think they might be
      gay (or they know), they have been taught that "gay folks" are
      an "abomination to God," homosexuality is an abomination to God,
      reprobate, etc., etc., etc. Many of them were told for years that
      they would not inherit the kingdom of God, that they were going to
      hell because of what they are, not because of what they have done.

      THAT is STRONG motivation!

      Now, consider yourself. Suppose your loved ones, your spiritual
      leaders had been drumming this into your head for many years.
      Consider that every time you walk into church, you hear the words
      from the pulpit about the sins of the ambiguous "gay lifestyle."
      Consider that your pastor said to your face, YOU ARE GOING TO HELL
      because you are gay!

      The message is...either become heterosexual or GO TO HELL!!!

      Brother, THAT would be strong motivation for you to "seek help" from
      an ex-gay ministry, from a witch doctor, from Benny Hinn, from the
      fortune teller, from ANYBODY...just so you won't go to hell. Sorry,
      but people are pushed into those ministries by fear, brought on by
      the words and actions of others. It is NOT as simple as you are
      trying to claim, it is far more involved than "personal choice."

      (We haven't even discussed those gay guys who get married, thinking
      marriage will "cure" them.)

      > As far as I'm concerned, sincerity is a non-issue. Whatever their
      > perspective, most people are sincere. But they still hurt people.
      > road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      You might consider studying a book such as "The Subtle Power of
      Spiritual Abuse" by David Johnson and Jeff Vanvonderen. The issue is
      control. People who enter "ex-gay ministries" have to surrender even
      more control than they have already surrendered to God. If
      they "slip-up" in any way, even if they dare question the leadership,
      they are rebuked strongly and often banished from the ministry. I
      know several who have been that route.

      ONE PERSONAL EXAMPLE: I knew a kid in another state where I used to
      live. (I was not much older at the time) Nice guy who didn't fit in
      the "norm" of society. His parents were Bob and Betty Baptist, very
      traditional yet somewhat cold towards their two kids. After living
      away for a few years, I received a phone call from this kid (now a
      young adult) who had been sent to town by his parents. As it turned
      out, he was GAY and his parents sent him to a clinic to be cured!!!
      To make a long story shorter, he was not cured at that famous
      Christian counceling center. But his parents refused to allow him
      back home. So, he stayed in town and eventually entered one of
      the "Exodus" related ministries. Within a few months, he had been
      seduced by one of the leaders in the group. After a few more months,
      they moved away, eventually settled in Florida as a couple. AFAIK,
      they are still living there...the Exodus leader and the kid whose
      good, Baptist parents would not allow to come home...because he was
      gay! (I have more examples if you need them.)

      So you are saying that people enter these ministries "of their own
      free will?" Not hardly!

      > It would be nice if these factions of Christianity would spend less
      > stereotyping one another, and more time communicating.

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