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2279Re: Ex-Gay on TBN today

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  • calldon2k
    May 7, 2002
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      --- In exexgayministry@y..., Joiner Rex <rexjoiner@y...> wrote:

      > Steve, I don't know whether Paul and Jan are sincere
      > or not (I think only God know that). But flamboyance
      > does not automatically equal lack of sincerity and we
      > all feel good in any legitimate venue when we are
      > "pumped up" as you put it.

      Here is some info for ya about "flamboyance."

      QUOTE:===The Crouches — who declined to be interviewed — are
      hands-on executives, occupying two of three seats on
      the TBN board of directors and earning six-figure
      incomes. He is paid $159,500 a year as president, while
      she gets $165,100 as vice president, IRS records show.

      ===END QUOTE!

      >I'm sorry if you witnessed
      > some lack of sincerity perhaps, but a great many
      > "evangelical" Christians and many who have the
      > "fundamental" label as well are wonderful, sincere
      > Christians.

      Yes they are. But they do not get on TV and CRY AND BEG for all the
      little "Grandmas" to send in their social-security checks, do they?

      But here's another comment on the actions of a couple of "Christians"
      who constantly beg for money from little "grandmas" and others.

      BEGIN QUOTE:==="Paul and Jan Crouch recently purchased a $5 million
      estate in Newport Beach, CA. The palatial home was described in an
      Orange County newspaper as "a palatial estate with ocean and city
      views." The Crouches, founders of the Trinity Broadcasting Network,
      have lived in a smaller home in Newport Beach for many years.

      Sources say Jan Crouch wanted a bigger yard for her dogs. The new
      9,500 square-foot home is situated on more than an acre.

      The new Crouch home has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a billiards
      room, a climate-controlled wine cellar, a sweeping staircase and a
      crystal chandelier.

      The three-story home also has an elevator, a six-car garage, a tennis
      court, and a pool with a fountain.

      It was not reported whether the Crouches personally paid for the
      estate or whether the nonprofit ministry purchased the property. The
      Crouches have used TBN money to purchase numerous properties across
      the country to provide the couple with a luxurious tax-free

      One of the Crouch estates is TBN's ranch in Colleyville, TX, just
      minutes away from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The 80-
      plus acre ranch is located between the city limits of Colleyville and
      Southlake – two of the wealthiest cities in Texas. The ranch, which
      contains eight houses and horse stables, is estimated to be worth
      about $10 million.

      The ministry also provides luxury automobiles – both his and hers –
      at each location. For example, the Colleyville ranch has two
      Landrovers parked in the garage for Paul and Jan. The Crouches
      usually visit the ranch about four times each year."

      ===END QUOTE!

      >I find that the ex-ex-gay movement is
      > becoming far too critical of their brothers and
      > sisters in Christ who happened to disagree with them
      > on this issue.

      So do you know how many homeless people Paul and Jan could have fed
      with the money spent on that "six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a
      billiards room, a climate-controlled wine cellar" home? And realize
      that THIS WAS THEIR VACATION HOME!!! This wasn't their real home.

      >I don't
      > think he wants to see us encourage homosexual activity
      > by those who may not have a pre-dispostion to
      > homosexuality. Well, that's my thought for now.

      You are reading things into these posts that no one said. Please
      have your vision checked. NO ONE ever tried to encourage any
      activity, other than responsibile actions!
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