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2277Live by the sword, die by the sword

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  • Michael Airhart
    May 4, 2002
      I agree with Jerry that there's some knee-jerk hostility in the
      ex-ex-gay movement.

      Some of it is understandable -- many people have been injured by various
      ex-gay ministries' unprofessional or irrational tactics.

      But some of it is simply a denial of personal responsibility. Some
      ex-ex-gays won't admit that they joined ex-gay ministries of their own
      free will, and whatever happened there was partly a matter of personal
      choice. In most cases, no one made them spend years in poorly designed
      ministries. It was their choice.

      As far as I'm concerned, sincerity is a non-issue. Whatever their faith
      perspective, most people are sincere. But they still hurt people. The
      road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      For example, Paul and Jan are sincere, and they have done good works.
      They have also wasted literally tens of millions of dollars on luxuries
      for themselves. Most Christians agree that is a sin, and all Christians
      must repent of their sins. Correct?

      Likewise, the progressive National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and GLAAD
      claim to uphold freedom and human rights. In some respects, they
      accomplish that. But they frequently seek to thwart the right of
      moderates and conservatives (both straight and gay) to speak freely.

      Jerry, I don't know of anyone seeking to get homosexuality taught in
      kindergarten. I do know that most Christians -- indeed, most Americans
      -- want kids to stop bullying and bashing each other, lest tragedies
      like Columbine keep happening.

      Regarding James Kennedy: A Christian acquaintance of mine has stood in
      prayerful witness outside James Kennedy's operation, Coral Ridge
      Ministries, bringing attention to Kennedy's promotion of discrimination
      and imprisonment of homosexuals. James Kennedy has made promises to meet
      with this acquaintance, then broken his promises. Kennedy is not
      motivated by money, but rather by sincere belief in a brand of
      Christianity that believes it must take political control of the United
      States and selectively enforce Old Testament law against a nation of

      That is not true of all fundamentalists or evangelicals, by any means.
      But it is true of certain segments. Likewise, there are leftist and
      Marxist Christians around the world (especially in Latin America) who
      view selective discrimination and political action against Americans
      (especially evangelicals) as a viable means of living out the Gospels
      and achieving Jesus' vision of a just world.

      It would be nice if these factions of Christianity would spend less time
      stereotyping one another, and more time communicating.

      Mike Airhart
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