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2276RE: [ExExGayMinistry] Re: Ex-Gay on TBN today

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  • Joiner Rex
    May 4, 2002

      --- Steve Boese <steve@...> wrote:
      > calldon2k said:
      > << After planning to move and after publicizing the
      > move so they could raise
      > money, they had a few shows from Calvary Temple. I
      > was playing piano there
      > at the time and did some of the pre-show music,
      > praise and worship stuff to
      > pump-up the crowd before the REAL "Paul and Jan
      > Show" started. >>

      Steve, I don't know whether Paul and Jan are sincere
      or not (I think only God know that). But flamboyance
      does not automatically equal lack of sincerity and we
      all feel good in any legitimate venue when we are
      "pumped up" as you put it. I'm sorry if you witnessed
      some lack of sincerity perhaps, but a great many
      "evangelical" Christians and many who have the
      "fundamental" label as well are wonderful, sincere
      Christians. I find that the ex-ex-gay movement is
      becoming far too critical of their brothers and
      sisters in Christ who happened to disagree with them
      on this issue. In that sense, they are exactly the
      same way as the very radical, pro-gay agenda who is
      trying to get homosexuality taught in kindergarten.
      Even if God accepts us just the way we are, I don't
      think he wants to see us encourage homosexual activity
      by those who may not have a pre-dispostion to
      homosexuality. Well, that's my thought for now.

      God bless,
      > I was curious about the history of TBN's Texas
      > facility -- was it originally
      > touted as a the new headquarters or a partial
      > replacement for the palaces in
      > Santa Ana?
      > --Steve

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