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2275Re: [ExExGayMinistry] Re: Ex-Gay on TBN today

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  • Joiner Rex
    May 4, 2002
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      <nojam75@...> wrote:

      > > Brother, there is too much $$$ involved for them
      > to change their
      > > mind now and accept reality. The anti-gay issue
      > is a real money-
      > > maker. James Kennedy still uses the issue
      > regularly for fund-
      > > raising!

      REPLY: While you may not agree with James Kennedy,
      TBN and others on the subject of being ex-gay, it is
      incorrect to think they are all believe what they
      believe for the money. That just doesn't make
      sense,in my opinion. There may be other issues they
      believe, like the properity message so many teach, but
      I think you are wrong to raise the money issue in this
      <nojam75@...> wrote:

      > I know, it seems that whenever one of these
      > "Christian" organizations runs low on funds they are
      quick to send out the old
      > "gay agenda"
      > mailers. Pat Robertson is also notorious for using
      > the gay card when
      > running low on cash.

      REPLY: The fact that you put "Christian" in quotes
      indicates that you may feel these people are not true
      Christians. You may be guilty of exactly the same
      thing you accuse them of - that is, not accepting them
      as brothers and sisters just because they don't see
      eye to eye with you. Jesus said, "He that is not
      against us is for us."

      If you really believe God is ok with your gayness,
      then how does it please God for you to criticize other
      sincere Christians, just because they don't believe
      God wants them to act out homosexual desires?

      Food for thought, ok?

      God bless,

      Jerry in Michigan
      > Gay scare tactics are pretty effective in
      > fundraising with
      > fundamentalist/conservative Christians. So, it
      > would seem that as a
      > money-hungry broadcaster, TBN would be quick to
      > promote anti-gay and
      > ex-gay message in its broadcasts. But it TBN is
      > relatively quiet on
      > the topic (not that I'm complaining). I don't
      > monitor TBN, beyond
      > flipping past it during my channel-surfing. But its
      > seems the 700
      > Club and James Kennedy devote more time to anti-gay
      > broadcasts than
      > TBN.
      > You mentioned that you spent some time at TBN, is
      > homosexuality a
      > taboo topic? There have been rumors that secret gay
      > encounters were
      > rampant in Jim Bakker's PTL and the Assemblies of
      > God Church during
      > the 80s. Could it be that TBN is relatively quiet
      > about
      > homosexuality because they are reluctant to deal
      > with some of their
      > own closet cases? (Just look at some of these guys'
      > wardrobs?)
      > Just pondering,
      > Norm! (nojam75@...)

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