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2233Hello and Question

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  • LoveEloheem
    Apr 5, 2002
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      HEY Everybody!
      I stumbled across this group using google and searching for material I
      can use for a small presentation on ex-ex gays. It is not a big thing,
      just a small group of gay Christians will ever hear it.
      I am amazed about the diversity of this group (having read a bunch of
      recent mails).

      I considered the ex-gay route, but then got scared about their
      practices and unhealthy approach towards the life after the therapy
      (celibacy for instance). I want to love and be loved.
      Anyway, I have been wondering about how many people who go through
      "therapy" and consider themselves ex-ex gay or never even considered
      themselves ex-gay. I know that this is a kinda though question. But
      any help or information you can give me would be excellent.

      Additionally, I ran across a site where the author stated that she
      observed that only those ran away from the ex-gay "lifestyle" who
      weren't strong in their faith, didn't do bible study etc.
      I mean, what a comment. Quite unbelievable!

      OK, that's for now. God bless
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