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  • nyguy_1225
    Dec 3, 2001
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      Been thinking about responding to a number of
      your comments and sentiments, Kip, but concluded this
      board and the requirement of short, concise posts won't
      allow space to give your comments the justice they
      deserve. But if you're intererested in hearing them, let
      me know your email address (mine is
      nyguy_1225@...) and I'll email you a reply in the form of a Word
      document. (Too bad one can't attach documents on these
      boards.) <br><br>Did you get to read the remainder of the
      links? Any more thoughts? <br><br>Has anybody else read
      the links? If so, does anyone have any thoughts,
      comments, observations, insights, sentiments or
      criticisms?<br><br><br>would be allow enought to give your commentsd justice
      ZED and then came to the conclusion that some of the
      stuff I'd like to say is more than
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