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1556Re: Who Were These People?/clarification

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  • nyguy_1225
    Jul 1, 2001
      <<May I paraphrase your statements this
      way? That God makes a distinction between those who
      engage in homosexual behavior out of a rebellious
      spirit, to deliberately abandon their true sexual
      preference (heterosexuality) merely to satisfy their own
      carnal urges versus those who are originally homosexual
      by nature? � Is that essentially
      correct?>><br><br>Paul here is ridiculing Gentile religious rebellion in
      typical Jewish polemic, saying that they knew God but
      worshipped idols instead of God. It's not about
      homosexuality or homosexual orientation. Paul illustrates with
      the unnatural practices of the fertility cults which
      involved sex among priestesses and between men and eunuch
      prostitutes such as served Aphrodite (the goddess of
      fertility, love and beauty) on the hill high over Corinth --
      right from where Paul was writing his letter to the
      Romans. Their self-castration rites did result in a
      bodily �penalty� (v27). All Paul had to do was look up
      to the hill from where he was writing and he could
      see the temple and the grisly practices of the
      fertility cults that were being done in the name of
      worship. <br><br>The ceremonies of the fertility cults
      involved sexual rituals that were thought to bring
      blessing on the cycle of the seasons, the production of
      crops, and the birth of livestock. The rituals
      emphasized cult prostitution and involved the male and
      female priest-prostitutes of the fertility cults. Says
      the Holman Bible Dictionary: �Fertility cults
      attribute the fertility of the cropland and herds to the
      sexual relations of the divine couple [a great
      mother-goddess as a symbol of fertility and a male deity,
      usually her consort]. Sacral sexual intercourse by
      priests and priestesses or by cult prostitutes was an act
      of worship intended to emulate the gods and share in
      their powers.� Hence, these passages in Romans are
      speaking against about idolatry and temple prostitution --
      not homosexual orientation.
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