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1480Re: Divinely inspired?

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  • roo7861
    Apr 3, 2001
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      Dear Norm:<br><br>I am so grateful for the open
      tone taken here in regard to theology. As far as I can
      tell from reading the posts, you are largely
      responsible for maintaining this spirit of open
      inquiry.<br><br>I understand where more traditional members of the
      group are coming from. I was raised in a fundamentalist
      minister's home, was educated in one of the country's
      premiere evangelical colleges and am a graduate of an
      evangelical seminary. My first act of coming out was to
      attend a Bible Study for gay people. I was as orthodox
      as they come. But accepting myself as a gay man
      shook up my whole world, theology included. It is not
      that I believe that one cannot be a conservative
      Christian and gay. I have certainly known (and know) many
      such people. But for me, the freedom of accepting my
      sexuality was also freedom to explore some of the other
      deep questions I had about my Christian faith. I
      discovered that the freedom Christ has provided for me in
      regard to my sexuality also applies to theological
      inquiry. In other words, God can take the questions! Using
      the brains we have been given, in open and honest
      inquiry, is NEVER an offense to the God who made
      us.<br><br>I have little room left in my life for dogmatic
      interpretations of the story of a God, who by God's very nature,
      defies the constraints of human understanding and
      language.<br><br>Thanks again for keeping the dialogue open. I wouldn't
      hang around if it wasn't.<br><br>Peace,<br><br>James
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