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  • trueblue99
    Nov 1, 2000
      I'm certainly one to encourage thinking among
      straight evangelicals/fundamentalists, and it's nice to
      see Tony Campolo making some effort to think about
      gays instead of merely reacting to us. However, the
      time has long gone when gay people should applaud
      somebody's feeble effort at tolerance. Where has this guy
      been for the last 30 years? How slow does this guy
      think if it's taken him three decades or so to grant
      permission to us to be gay so long as we don't fuck? Is it
      possible that he cannot see how grotesque and insulting
      his attitude is? Wouldn't his dignity as a man be
      affronted if somebody instructed him that he could be
      heterosexual but couldn't have sex with his wife? Would he
      call such presumption "tolerance"? If he wouldn't
      swallow this crap, why does he feel free to dish it out
      to us? Tony Campolo is way out of touch with the
      real world of gay/lesbian people. I think the laggard
      should catch up.<br><br>By the way, I've just been
      banned from the ex-gay men's ministry club. I guess I
      won't be an ex-gay any time soon. Oh well.
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