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1076Re: My Journey

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  • analytical_49734
    Sep 1, 2000
      Welcome aboard!!<br>I will address the latter
      part of your message concerning the "criteria" that
      Exodus applies for being gay or suffering from SSA. <br>
      I think their criteria and their views regarding
      homosexuality are a "one size fits all" pattern; Their theory
      concerning identification with the same sex parent etc,
      tends to confuse sexual identity with sexual
      preference. They are unable to explain those who come from a
      similar family history who are not gay or even bisexual.
      <br> Again, most clinical psychologists will tell you
      that sexual identity and sexual preference are not
      necessarily the same thing; There are many gay men who have
      had close and loving relationships with their
      fathers, who went through all the rites of passage into
      manhood, and yet are still homosexual. <br> Exodus has no
      answer regarding them; Their view is very doctrinaire
      and they dont accept any questioning or criticisms.
      <br> So, to answer your question, I
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