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Re: Anything to win

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  • Gromit
    ... condoned ... calls ... GOP ... It s clear what s going on here. The Democrats are saying: Hey, if you re going to make a stink about disenfranchising our
    Message 1 of 25 , Dec 1, 2000
      --- In ex-Libertarian@egroups.com, jeremy riddle <jeremyr@c...> wrote:
      > Here's an op-ed from the Palm Beach Post today:
      > Editorial: Breaking Florida law
      > Thursday, November 30
      > The Palm Beach Post
      > Thursday, November 30, 2000
      > Republican election supervisors in Martin and Seminole counties
      > lawbreaking that helped their party in the weeks before Nov. 7 that
      > into question the legitimacy of Florida's presidential vote.
      > In both offices, Republican campaign workers were allowed to correct
      > absentee ballot applications that would have been discarded.

      It's clear what's going on here. The Democrats are saying: Hey, if
      you're going to make a stink about disenfranchising our milirary
      people, some of whose ballots clearly were invalid (no postmark OR
      date), well disenfranchise THIS!

      At one point, I heard the pundits saying that the Gore people wouldn't
      be pushing this case, since they were talking about the need to
      INclude balance and they didn't want to be seen as EXcluding ballots.
      But this may well be the thing that keeps their hopes alive. It could
      even keep them alive if the Supreme Count rules against them on the
      recounts. The Florida Supreme Count, or even the US, could rule
      against this judge, but by then we could be into legislative action,
      and God-knows-what-else.
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