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336Fall Recruiting Checklist for Accounting Majors

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    Sep 10 10:33 PM
      Remember, On Campus Recruiting is for current students seeking internships, and current seniors seeking full-time work after graduating in 2013. Stay on top of this busy season by following the checklist and calendar below…
      o Complete your EagleAXIS profile! You must have your GPA, Major, and Applicant Type filled out in your profile in order to view and apply for positions.
      o Have your resume and cover letter reviewed by Career Services. To schedule an appointment, login to EagleAXIS and select "Request an Advising Appointment" under your Shortcuts menu
      o Use EagleAXIS to sign-up for a mock interview – but don't delay, only a handful of spaces remain!
      o Search and apply for internships or full time positions by logging into EagleAXIS and selecting "On-Campus Recruiting" under your Shortcuts menu
      On-Campus Recruiting Calendar
      Reminder: Interview invitations are sent via email from EagleAXIS. Be mindful of your email during interview sign-up periods so you do not miss an opportunity to sign up for an interview!
      Resume Submission Deadline
      Interview Sign-up Period
      Clark Nuber
      Sept 27-28
      Oct 5-12
      Moss Adams LLP
      Oct 6-9
      Dingus, Zarecor & Associates PLLC*
      Oct 12-15
      McDirmid, Mikkelsen & Secrest, P.S.
      Oct 13-17
      Nicholas Knapton, P.S.
      Oct 13-15
      *posting in EagleAXIS coming soon
      Schedules may be subject to change. All updates will be reflected in EagleAXIS
      Questions? Be sure to follow up with Dena Ogden (dogden2@..., 359-6058) or Gini Hinch, Director of Career Services (vhinch@..., 359-2329).
      Dena Ogden Small black square Employer Relations Manager
      Career Services Small black square Eastern Washington University
      114 Showalter Small black square Cheney, WA 99004
      dogden2@... Small black square 509.359.6058