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23BAP Reginal Conference and Big 4 Office Tour in Seattle - PLEASE RSVP

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  • f_brooke44
    Feb 2, 2009
      Hey all,

      we have a very exciting opportunities coming up for you.
      On April 4-5, there will be BAP Regional and Leadership conference in
      There will be accounting major students from all over northwest.
      Also, there will be many presentations about interesting subject with
      regard to accounting and accounting carrer,basically preparing you to
      be successful in accounting career field.
      Of course, you will have some inside scoops from many successful
      accountants from many companies, including Big 4.
      That's right!! Networking opportunities. You all know how important
      it is.
      I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial attending the conference.
      If you are thinking about taking a position as an BAP officer, this
      would be a great opportunity to learn leadership skills as well as to
      show how serious you are considering the position.
      Following is the website for the regional. For now, it is not quite
      ready for the event schedules, but please, check back soon to have
      more detail.

      Last quarter, we sponsors all the BAP members who attended to the
      Regional for the attending fees, transportation, and lodging.
      This quarter, we are not so sure how many people we can sponsor.
      It all depends how many people want to go.
      We like to keep sponsoring for the attendees, so please let us know
      if you would like to go.
      In that way, we can raise fund for the expenses.
      Please keep this in mind.
      We can not cover everyone, so the faster you sign up, the better
      chance your expenses will be covered by us.
      One more thing.
      In spring quarter, we have office tours of the Big 4 in Seattle as
      well as LeMaster and Daniels.
      Please let us know if you would like to go.
      Again, for the same reason with the Regional, it would be better if
      we know as soon as possible who wants to go.

      Just to let you know, we have a community service coming up soon.
      One community service is required to become a member.
      We will let you know as soon as we have everything set up.


      Kyunghee B. Farmer

      President, EWU Beta Alpha Psi