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Re: Report on Today's Session

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  • Chrissan
    Thank god John, at least you didn t call Vance the horse himself! Grateful for small mercies;-) Hugs, /Chrissan
    Message 1 of 12 , May 4, 2005
      Thank god John, at least you didn't call Vance the horse himself!
      Grateful for small mercies;-)

      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, John Hibbs <hibbs@b...>
      > At 6:58 AM -0700 5/4/05, Vance Stevens wrote:
      > >One test of the value of an effort is to withdraw from it and see
      > >what happens.
      > >(snip snip)
      > >I have no intention of doing that though.
      > Phew!
      > For a moment I thought Vance would say he was going to go into the
      > lurking business. Webheads might well survive without him. But it
      > would not prosper in the accelerated fashion that will happen if he
      > stays, not just steering the wagon, or even riding the horses that
      > pull it. Vance is one of those guys who also puts his own shoulder to
      > the wheel....and about all of this, there is not one single Webhead
      > who will disagree!
      > Thanks, Vance, for alleviating my worry that you might choose to ride
      > off into the sunset. In my not humble opinion, you should have a gig
      > in front of very big audiences several times a month...like in front
      > of MTV, C-SPAN, BBC, Canadian, Australian and Dutch radio -- as well
      > as in front of every single notable ESL event (... where their
      > leaders are wise enough to pay you to do your virtual dance!!!!)
      > Note this, also in my not humble opinion:
      > Even if you fell the biggest tree in the forest, it does little good
      > if there are not many around to see how brilliant was the cutting.
      > What can WE do to get bigger audiences for Webheads? For Vance Stevens?
      > Nobody, nobody, nobody leads their parade as well as does Vance
      > Stevens. Of course he is also supported by a brilliant, brilliant
      > cast. Go ahead - Webheads - pat yourself on the back. Your
      > performances are exceptional and a harbinger of better things to come.
      > Signed,
      > Your biggest fan,
      > John Hibbs
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