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Problems staying connected on Elluminate - any suggestions?

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  • Vance Stevens
    Elluminate support, I am trying to resolve a problem with connecting to Elluminate. I use Elluminate through Learning Times, specifically the room at
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2005
      Elluminate support,

      I am trying to resolve a problem with connecting to Elluminate. I use Elluminate through Learning Times, specifically the room at http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes?go=273662

      Lately I have been plagued with disconnects during presentations, occurring ever few minutes at time, preventing me from delivering effective presentations. These problems occur at times of high use of my LAN, and often when I am attempting to show web cam, app share, and talk at the same time. It might happen when I press Talk for example, or it might happen just when passively listening and the connection is lost and we are then reconnected after a minute or so, having lost crucial bits of the presentation. My last two presentations using this tool have been compromised, one over my school LAN and the other attempting through an ISDN line at a conference venue.

      This is happening mainly at my office over the institute LAN which has proven stable in the past. Replicable errors are taking place in my office where I have three computers, all running XP Pro. These are my office desktop and my home laptop, which I have used successfully with LT / Elluminate many times in the past over the LAN connection. The third computer is a borrowed laptop, and here is the replicable error.

      Just recently on my office desktop and home laptop, both operating over the LAN, I consistently get the message Connection Failed, Direct call to ELO2.ELLUMINATE.COM failed, connection timed out. I have checked that both computers have Java and it's ticked on in IE. The Internet connection is working for most other purposes. Also, I am able to use my home laptop from home on my dialup connection and when I visit our Elluminate room from home, there is no connection problem. There must be something with the office firewall, right?

      Well, at the office, I take the LAN cable from my home laptop (in my office) and put it in the borrowed laptop and that one is consistently able to connect and (testing over the weekend at any rate, low LAN use) I can show web cam, talk, app share, and web tour and retain the connection. This happens consistently, on more than one occasion, when the other two computers cannot connect due to the error noted above. So it may be a configuration on the different pc's? What could it be?

      I found the information below at the Knowledge Base in Elluminate, regarding my Connection Failed error. From this the problem seems to be related to firewall or lost internet connection at work though why this should happen with all but one laptop at my office is beyond me, and also why the one that lets me connect without problem from home won't let me in at the office.

      Any suggestions? This is creating a serious reliability issue for a conference presentation I'm giving over the internet Abu Dhabi to Qatar on Saturday, April 30.

      Thanks, Vance

      Connection Failed


      This message displays when you are prevented from connecting to an Elluminate Live! server to authenticate and join a session. This may be caused by a firewall/proxy or lost Internet connection.


      Ensure that you are connected to the Internet and that the connection is active. After that, you will may to configure your computer's firewall or proxy settings to allow access to Elluminate Live!. This may require the intervention of a System Administrator.

      Proxy configuration:

      Firewall configuration:
      Source - http://www.elluminate.com/support/faqs/connection_failed.jsp

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