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Webheads' TESOL 2005 presentations: some impressions

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  • Aiden Yeh
    Hello all, I was online during Vance s presentation as I was invited to say a few words on my Happy Online project. Vance was on site early so we had a
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 1, 2005
      Hello all,

      I was online during Vance's presentation as I was invited to say a few words on my "Happy Online" project. Vance was on site early so we had a chance to test our equipment before the big event. People started popping up like mushrooms and it didn't take long, the room was packed. Vance the man was so busy that he almost forgot to record his own session. It was not until I mentioned that I'll be recording the audio when he remembered that he was to do the same. He was simply too happy to be online ;-) Anyway, I did manage to record the session but I messed up the other half of the recording when I plugged in my earphones. I lost the sound from Texas and I only captured the sound from my mic :-( Another lesson for me! I also uploaded the snapshots that I took during this presentation, and they're available at http://newspix.buzznet.com/ Elderbob, can I upload these snapshots to your blog? How?

      Anyway, thanks Vance for webcasting this wonderful event. I had the chance to watch and listen to Deborah Healy's and Jim Duber's excellent presentations. I also recorded their presentations but nothing came out of it. Anyone here using Real Player 10? I used it to capture audio and my setting was to capture from sound mixer. But why didn't it capture sound when I plugged in my earphones? 'extremely puzzled and frustrated- those were good presentations -arrrggh.

      It's Saturday noon here and filial duties are calling. I'll be offline for the day.



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