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I am looking for a flower print shirt....or.....Fiesta, revisited

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  • Robert Brannan
    Ok, I am home. Tired, blurry eyed and blurry eared from all I have seen and heard, but excited and full of hope for the future. I m told that the next Fiesta
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005
      Ok, I am home. Tired, blurry eyed and blurry eared from all I have
      seen and heard, but excited and full of hope for the future.

      I'm told that the next Fiesta will be in Florida at next year's
      TESOL, so I am out this morning looking for some sort of plastic
      sleeves to protect all the sensitive computer equipment from the sand
      on the beach where the next Webhead Fiesta will be held. I am also
      looking for a bright flower print festive shirt to match my big black
      Stetson cowboy hat.

      Seriously, I have but on few other occasions had that much
      fun...meeting everyone, seeing all the online activity....and you
      know what, that is still just the first phase. Over the next few
      days, I hope photos will be sent to be posted to the site, maybe
      audio, maybe video and surely people will send in their thoughts and
      memories of this event.

      I must apologize to those who tried to join us virtually and couldnt
      for a variety of reasons. All I can say is to remember that we are
      sort of breaking new ground here. I think we learned a lot from this
      experience and many things will be changed before the next one
      occurs. But at the same time, I think a lot of folks went away
      seeing meet-ups like this in a new light. I hope we see many more
      such event from around the globe in the future. I was so busy that I
      hardly had time to get online with anyone, so I really still dont
      know how many actually communicated via the net. However, I can tell
      you that at one point, we had five laptops hooked up via WiFi and
      everyone was busy with someone or some group on line. It was truly
      awesome. Vance is right about they way we arranged the tables, but
      our restaurant host, Radniq had never seen anything like this before,
      and I am sure he learned a lot too (like next time, setting us up in
      an ally out back so we wont disturb the rest of his clientele.) I
      think we learned a lot about what kind of place we need to host such
      and event and about how to set up WiFi so that it functions well.

      In the next couple of days, I will be posting more information
      including photos of the event to the blog
      (http://elderboblog.typepad.com/fiesta ) so keep watching.

      And please, please, please....If you were there or you were online,
      please take the time to add a comment or even send me an email or a
      picture and I will see to it that it gets posted. I want the blog to
      be a part of the event itself, sort of a repository of artifacts of
      the event.

      Now, I have to unpack, but I promise more later.

      Again, thanks to everyone who participated, especially those who
      contributed their laptops and expertise with them. And special
      thanks to all attending live or otherwise.


      PS. For those that were there live, I hope you are still enjoying
      your Extreme Texas Makeovers.....more Kisses and Hugs to you all.
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