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[evonline2002_webheads] Re: Fiesta in LT webheads office

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  • John Hibbs
    Once more, like every single Webhead, I want to salute Vance and those at the Bistro, and those at the Fiesta, and those who joined in from distant places. I
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 31, 2005
      Once more, like every single Webhead, I want to salute Vance and
      those at the Bistro, and those at the Fiesta, and those who joined in
      from distant places. I was thrilled to see the videos (about which
      use I have poo-pood for a very long time - maybe I should change my
      thinking?); I was thrilled to hear the clatter of the dishes and the
      laughter in the background. (although a little disturbed that on such
      rare f2f occasions the celebrants remain cemented to long distance
      technology...is that a good thing?); I was less than thrilled that I
      could not get my mike to work...I could pass the Eluminate "recording
      test" - I have talked through that mike in other Eluminate forums and
      at talking communities, but for some reason it did not work. (just as
      well, loudmouth that I am). In an hour I leave for a long weekend in
      Nashville, so no more chance for me to participate.

      Let me close with what I have said repeatedly in this space: You are
      an amazing, amazing, amazing bunch of people. If there is one single
      weakness that I think you have is that you don't elevate yourself
      even more than you do -- is there a common Impossible Dream that
      Webheads could fashion for itself?...then make it happen?..

      Hugs to all and your extraordinary work!
      Hibbs, on the campus of the University of Oregon, where it is nicely green.

      At 10:11 AM +0000 3/31/05, Vance Stevens wrote:
      >Thanks all for joining us at the milestone ElderParty last night. It
      >was an incredible webheads event though, like our Sunday chats, it
      >didn't go as planned perhaps, or maybe it did, not sure, I'm just
      >positive that for each person at the Houston Street Bistro and for
      >each person with us online last night, each must have been aware of
      >being a part of something historic in the Nexus in Texas, as they call
      >it here, as well as in the nexus of online and real life that Webheads
      >so well straddle in the saddle, as it were.
      >What can I say? At 1440 to 1515 GMT today Thu our live audience is
      >going to also participate via the magic of
      >http://evo05.blogspot.com/ . So whatever happened, thanks for being
      >there, and hope to see y'all (as they say hereabouts) for our keynote
      >conference event here in San Antonio, the CALL IS Academic Session,
      >which we will webcast live from the convention center via Elluminate
      >at Learning Times:
      >I chose this venue because I can display a webcam through it. I test
      >drove it at the CALL-IS meeting last night and at the ElderParty and
      >although results may have been poor to our online audience due to
      >people not speaking into our mic and poor lighting at the HS Bistro,
      >not to mention the distraction of having to eat and converse with
      >dinner partners while webcasting, a new notch on the handle of
      >multitasking, I at least know the parts work at the bandwidth provided
      >and I hope to be able to overcome both those drawbacks at the 1430 GMT
      >session today.
      >Thanks one and all for collectively making us all appear much greater
      >than the actual sum of our parts.
      >p.s. If anyone has any pictures of Webheads events, ElderBob has asked
      >to have copies at elderbob@.... It will take me a couple of
      >days to get mine out of the camera and into cyberspace. Later for
      >that. And a priviledge for us all to have finally met ElderBob, a man
      >with a great heart who, on the web and f2f, is truly larger than life.
      >--- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, "Barbara Dieu"
      ><bwjdieu@t...> wrote:
      >> Some screenshots from the Fiesta can be viewed at
      >> http://evo05.blogspot.com/
      > > Going to bed now...almost midnight here!
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