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RE: [evonline2002_webheads] Wireless at the convention?

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    Dave, First of all, I hope you will join us sometime on Wednesday night for the Fiesta. We should be at the Houston Street Bistro until 10:00CST/04:00GMT (or
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      First of all, I hope you will join us sometime on Wednesday night for the
      Fiesta. We should be at the Houston Street Bistro until 10:00CST/04:00GMT
      (or at least some of us will), and we would be honored by your presence.

      In my efforts to find a suitable place to set up a WiFi connection suitable
      for this meeting, I had occasion to look into potential sites all over
      downtown San Antonio. San Antonio and Austin, Texas are a little more than
      60 miles apart physically, but electronically or at least in terms of WiFi
      connections, they are worlds apart. Austin has a huge community of users
      who have literally put Austin on the map in terms of WiFi use. San Antonio,
      on the other hand seems to be having some difficulty figuring out what WiFi
      is and whether or not they have it, and if they have it, how many body parts
      they are going to charge you for using it.

      First, I want to express my frustration at the City of San Antonio. San
      Antonio is the eighth largest city in the US, and I found it very difficult
      to find anyone in the city offices directory who could actually tell me
      where the best WiFi internet access was and even then, I got the impression
      that although the gentleman found answers to my questions, that my queries
      were sort of put to an "informal office vote" as to whether a locale had
      WiFi access and especially as to whether such access was free or not.

      Even when I found someone helpful, I had problems. The young law student at
      Cranford WiFi, understood what I was looking for but he was very difficult
      to catch at home and offered to send me a list of the best WiFi restaurants
      in San Antonio, but said list never arrived and I never got a call back. I
      made several calls to him, and instead wound up talking to his wife, who had
      apparently took my messages and sought answers from him, because the next
      time I called back she would pretty much have an answer for me. They both
      warned me that both the Convention Center and the Marriott Hotels had fairly
      expensive hookups. Their site :
      http://www.geocities.com/cranjoford/wifi.html was one of the best sources of
      information, and again, I don't want to diminish the mistakes they made, but
      instead I'd rather believe that he was simply busy at school and that this
      side business was not his primary interest. I really did appreciate his
      wife's attempt to answer my inquiries. He also hosts a page of all free
      WiFi access in San Antonio, and at one point told me that we could host the
      Fiesta at his house since he had good WiFi for free
      http://www.freewebs.com/sawifi/freesahotspots.htm .

      I also inquired at the Marriot River Walk convention information system
      about connections within the Marriot Hotels (there are but four of them on
      the river walk). There appeared to be much confusion about what I was
      asking for, but I found that each individual room is supplied with free high
      speed internet access, and the common areas have WiFi connections. I was
      told that none of the restaurants in the Hotels had WiFi, though that is a
      bit hard to believe (especially if the common areas are wired) and that the
      common areas have no places to hold a meeting or to eat. Additionally, WiFi
      access in the common areas was rather costly. I believe it was 20.00 plus
      dollars for the first hour and then over 3.00 per minute thereafter. Maybe
      someone check this out while they are there. You may want to look at this
      comment before you rely on Marriott for your connection:

      I had also seen information that the old Market Square or El Mercado had
      free WiFi access. The University of Texas at San Antonio is on one side of
      the square and it has WiFi. A couple of the Restaurants on the Square also
      have WiFi, but when I called them to set up the Fiesta meeting, I was told
      that we had to eat there and after the meal we would have to leave. I did
      not believe this would be appropriate for an extended get together. It
      maybe that the WiFi from the University bleeds over into the Market Plaza
      but no one could confirm that the out door common areas had WiFi or how
      much it might cost.

      Finally, a friend of mine suggested that I contact SBCGlobal telephone
      services since their primary office is in San Antonio. SBC, it appears is
      rapidly expanding their services and WiFi and VOIP services are two areas
      that are growing rapidly for them. I visited their website at
      http://www.auscillate.com/wireless/san_antonio/index.php?which=27 Their
      service is called FreedomLink and is still in it's infancy. However, since
      they are San Antonio based, there was a pretty good list of places where one
      could purchase a FreedomLink connection. It was through their map of WiFi
      hotspots that I found the information about the Houston Street Bistro
      Restaurant where the Webhead Fiesta is to be held:
      http://olfsbc.pctel.com/OnlineLocationFinder . I am still holding my
      judgment about SBC, but I found them helpful and pretty knowledgeable about
      the information I needed.

      This is probably the most comprehensive list of WiFi hotspots in San
      Antonio. Please note that under the Marriot River Walk Hotels there is a
      Deceptive Practices tag.

      I hope this will help you in your quest to find a good source of WiFi at the
      TESOL convention. If would please, let us know by going to the Webhead
      Fiesta blog and responding to this message.
      http://elderboblog.typepad.com/fiesta/ In fact, I encourage anyone with any
      knowledge gained from the TESOL conference to come back and post a response
      here so that future Webheads won't have as much difficulty as I did, finding
      suitable environs for a virtual meet-up.


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      wanted to be!
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      HI --

      Does anyone know if there is any wireless internet access at the
      convention in San Antonio? I'd like to bring my laptop.
      Dave Winet

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