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Announcement and Call for Participation, ( for ESP professionals)

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  • Buthaina
    Dear Webheads, I m sharing a message that I have received through the TESOL espis- list, where I m the list manager, as it might be interesting to Webheads ESP
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2005
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      Dear Webheads,

      I'm sharing a message that I have received through the TESOL espis-
      list, where I'm the list manager, as it might be interesting to
      Webheads ESP instructors and professionals.

      The following is the original message,including the announcement,
      posted by Mary Ellen Kerans:

      To all ESP instructors who are also involved in any way as
      "facilitators" of international communication -- as author's
      editors, oral presentation trainers, translators, project managers
      for example -- please note that a new informal (but active and
      stable) association is starting up in the southern European and
      Mediterranean area.

      We feel the need to start this because 1) local language consultants
      were not joining the bigger organizations like EASE, EMWA or FIT and
      yet there is a need to encourage skills improvement, and 2) none of
      the narrower-focus organizations for teachers, linguists,
      translators meet all our needs—we need something that encompasses
      both theory and practice in several disciplines or approaches and
      that's anchored in meeting the needs in our part of the world. Here,
      many people in science and culture/government/academia still need
      language mediators to help them reach their audiences.

      We don't yet have a webpage up, so I paste the announcement. If
      anyone would like to receive it as an attachment, don't hesitate to
      contact me personally.

      And please pass the word!

      Mary Ellen

      Announcement and Call for Participation

      Mediterranean Editors' and Translators' Meeting 2005
      Interdisciplinary Collaboration—International Communication

      4-5 November 2005

      Barcelona, Spain

      This is a first call to participate at the first meeting of a new
      European and Mediterranean area association of language
      translators/interpreters, communication coaches, technical writers
      educators in English for specific purposes. We are people who work
      oral, written and multimedia texts in English—and with their authors—
      areas where English language mediators are needed. We facilitate the
      international participation of local academics, scientists,
      businesses and cultural representatives.

      Please mark the dates on your calendar, as we hope you'll make the
      meet others engaged in facilitating international communication—and
      create a network through which we can enhance our skills. We want to
      expertise and channel information between local language consultants
      larger organizations like the European Association of Science
      Council of Science Editors, the European (and American) Medical
      Association(s) and the IEEE Professional Communication Society.

      While the work most of us do involves science, we are by no means
      exclusively involved with scientific texts. Facilitating academic and
      professional communication has led us into finance, culture,
      business and non-governmental organizations.

      At present we are organizing a meeting with two plenary sessions and
      series of round tables, discussion groups and workshops. We would be
      to hear your suggestions or proposals to coordinate sessions on
      localization/translation, publication and multimedia presentation,
      with authors and authoring groups, quality assurance of documents,

      Workshops/discussion sections will be 1 h and 15 min—ample time for
      presentation and open discussion in which we get to know each other.
      However, we also encourage you to propose a panel discussion in
      share presentation time with others. To make a proposal, send a brief
      description before 15 June: a) title, b) person(s) who would
      objective or main message, d) justification—the reason you consider
      topic interesting or important, e) a rough outline of how you plan to
      organize it.

      Publication: We will not publish proceedings, but we will advise and
      academics or others interested in finding the right place to publish
      content of their presentations.

      For further information, please get in touch: HYPERLINK
      "mailto:metameeting@..." metameeting@...

      The organizers: Mary Ellen Kerans
      Universitat Internacional de
      (Health Sciences, Servei d'Idiomes), Barcelona
      Carolyn Newey
      Institut de Recerca, Hospital de
      Sant Pau i
      la Santa Creu, Barcelona
      Frances Luttikhuizen
      Freelance language consultant,
      Karen Shashok
      Freelance translator and author's

      M.E. Kerans
      Barcelona, Spain

      I hope you find this inetersting and useful,

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