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Music in language learning? other learning?

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  • John Hibbs
    During Global Learn Day, I very nearly fell off my chair when Renata Suzuki played her music. Plus, we had a very interesting dialogue from Kiwi Annette Stock
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8 6:15 AM
      During Global Learn Day, I very nearly fell off my chair when Renata
      Suzuki played her music. Plus, we had a very interesting dialogue
      from Kiwi Annette Stock who uses rap music to improve literacy for
      particularly difficult (challenged) students.

      With this in mind, and aware that there are many, many, many highly
      innovative people in the webheads group, I thought the following bits
      of information would resonate. It seems to me that if the Webheads
      were to hold their own conference, lead of course by Vance, that on
      display would be that "far off" stuff of a kind that Renata and Bee
      and Daf and Terresa and - or gosh -- way too many to continue - do so
      well at.

      Anyway...here is the piece, from Creative Radio

      Melody Assistant is dedicated to music writing, printing and rendering.

      Easy to use, Melody Assistant offers a user-friendly interface and
      powerful capabilities.

      Now used by a very active community of thousands of people, it has
      become a favored tool for creating music.

      Download and try it with no time limit.


      The exhaustive list of Melody Assistant capabilities is too large to
      be described here in a few lines. Do not be mistaken by the
      unbelievably low price of this program: it is an extremely complete
      tool, the result of more than ten years of development.

      A wide range of music symbols will enable to edit scores of great
      quality, including tablatures and Gregorian notation.

      Score input can be performed through the mouse, computer keyboard or
      an external MIDI keyboard.

      Melody Assistant comes with its own embedded software synthesizer
      (SoftSynth), which provides high quality output on basic sound cards,
      even without any external MIDI device, and includes hundreds of
      different instruments.

      Melody Assistant can load and save in many formats (MIDI, WAV, AIFF,
      MP3, OGG, TAB, ABC...).

      Click here for a more complete overview of its capabilities.

      See the differences with Harmony Assistant

      System requirements
      Melody Assistant runs on Macintosh (Mac OS 8.6 to Mac OS X) and
      Windows (95, 98, ME, 2000, NT4 or XP).

      See also...

      Virtual Singer: additional module that sings lyrics of your songs in
      multiple languages or voices (man, woman, child...)
      OMeR: additional module that changes, via your scanner, sheet music
      scores into editable documents.

      Harmony Assistant: It is an enriched version of Melody Assistant. It
      offers even more powerful features, that you will probably
      appreciate: Click here for a list of the differences between these
      two products.
      Harmony Assistant is a commercial software. Download the trial
      version and evaluate it with no limit in time. While unregistered,
      saving is disabled and printing is limited to one page only.
      If the software matches your expectations, you can then purchase a
      license for US$ 70 (or 70 euros).
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